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Upcoming event | Rise to the challenge: How do your service desk metrics compare? | June 29

  • 15 June 2022
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Upcoming event | Rise to the challenge: How do your service desk metrics compare? | June 29
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Hi hi! 👋🏼

This month has been buzzing with events and we’ve got one more coming up! - An interactive session with Stephen Mann and Subhashree. 🚀

“Where do you stand in your journey to modernizing service delivery?” is an important question that IT leaders and practitioners are expected to answer at all times.

The need to measure the performance of an IT organization using a set of quantifiable and measurable metrics becomes an essential step to achieving aspirational goals. As the fundamentals of IT Service Management is continuous improvement, organizations should continuously evaluate as they take a baseline of existing standards to bridge the gap between current processes and aspirational goals.

Join us for an interactive session with Stephen Mann @manns and Subhashree Veeraraghavan as they uncover key insights from the Freshservice Service Management Benchmark Report 2022 and discuss the key performance indicators (KPIs) of IT Service Management that will help IT leaders to decide and act on what levers to pull, to deliver a delightful experience to employees and customers.

Key takeaways from this session -

  • Key metrics to measure service desk excellence

  • How peers across industries and countries perform

  • Core functionalities to improve employee experience and agent productivity 

  • Future-proofing service management using scalable solutions

Our Speakers - 

Stephen Mann
Principal Analyst and Content Director at  


Subhashree Veeraraghavan
Manager, Product Marketing at Freshworks



Session Details - 

📅 - Wed, June 29, 2022

⏰ - 11 am EST | 8 am PST | 8:30 pm IST



Read the Freshservice Service Management Benchmark Report 2022 and get unique insights on the current state of #servicemanagement and foreseeable trends in the field of IT. 

Download your copy 👉

Post your questions for our speakers in the comments section

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 🌷

5 replies

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I’m looking forward to this thanks :)

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This should be an enlightening event! Looking forward to it!! 🤞Lets hope I can get the Bevy Event software to work this time!! 😂

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Anyone have any specific ITSM or IT service desk metrics questions - based on the report or otherwise - that they want answering? Thanks :)

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Subhashree and I have just done a final run through of some key topics and there’s so much to talk about. But what do you want to ask about the Freshservice Benchmarks or ITSM metrics per se?

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I’m super excited for this session by @manns and Subhashree.

Tagging a few folks to add in their questions - 

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