Use your own mail server

  • 21 April 2017
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I have been trying to get our own mail server working for a number of months ( we use Exchange )  Fresh Service have been unable to help 

When updating the settings it hangs on "verifying" 

has anyone else come across this issue?

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4 replies

Yes. I have.

Are you on-prem exchange, or O365?

We used the global IMAP and SMTP endpoints. When we tried to use our own, it would hang. You could do the same if you're in the cloud. You'd have to whitelist some IP's, which FS can give you, or else you'll hit some pretty low rate limits.


Hope this helps.

This is on prem exchange - they've given us some IP's but they're not hitting our firewall 

Hi Michelle,

Sorry for the delay.

I have raised a support ticket for this issue and wrote an email to you.

Please write back on the ticket when you are free so that we can troubleshoot further on this.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.




I'd love to know why this has been marked as Solved when i havent had any responses to my emails since May! Continue to get issues with emails dropping so that tickets are not generated