What are the necessary permissions to access List all groups API?

  • 10 August 2021
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I’m not the “super admin” within my Fresh Service instance but I have been granted some elevated permissions.  I’m want to access the “” api to pull a list of groups - primarily to match group ID to group name.  However, I’m currently getting an “access_denied” message.  What permissions do I need to ask for in order to access the groups api?  






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Hello @rce_wa, you need to include your API key to authenticate your agent status in the header of your GET request. Also, when accessing the freshservice API, the level of information you will receive is limited by your permissions in freshservice. If you want to be able to retrieve groups then you need access to view all groups in your helpdesk. Same would go if you wanted to create notes an a ticket you need to have access to notes for tickets in the helpdesk. 

Here is the API documentation in case you need it.

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Hi Zach,

Thanks for the reply.  I’ve been able to successfully access other APIs like the tickets one.  I was just having access issues to certain areas like groups, departments, agents, etc.  Not having seen the available permissions within Fresh Service I was just wondering what permissions I need to request.  After reviewing this page, Setting up Roles & Role-Based Access Controls : Freshservice, I’ve requested access equivalent to “read-only admin”, but my Fresh Service admin was hoping to know specifically what permission to grant.  Without seeing all the available options and what they grant I’m feeling around in the dark here.  




To close out this thread, I was eventually given admin permissions so that I could pull data.  It’s too bad that there was not a read-only admin type permission.