Dark Theme for Freshdesk & Freshservice Support Portal

  • 20 November 2019
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Hi Everyone,

Lots of users requirements to developed "Freshdesk & Freshservice Dark mode theme".

Mint compatible. It's a professional-looking and easy-to-use Freshdesk & Freshservice support portal. It's based on the "Dark Mode Theme" for client eyes comfortable and looking beautiful theme which was customized according to the customer's goals.

The following customizations to the Freshdesk & Freshservice template were made:

branding (logo, colors, fonts, icons, background image)header and footer are the same as per your website according.

there is four costume blocks and category, folder & article-view page has attach side bar category section.

About the Dark Mode theme template for Freshdesk & Freshservice support portal

Easily customizable. You can make changes in future or customize the template on your own.Universal design. The Dark theme fits many industries and businesses without major customization. Mint compatible.

Tell us about your needs and we'll create according to you look of The Dark Mode Theme or any other theme for your Freshdesk support portal. Or get a template and customize it on your own.

Home page


Category page


Click here: Live Demo

Download and use this theme

You can download theme on our website Click Here.

If you face any issues or bugs please send us a message info@helpdesktheme.com


Helpdesk Theme.


1 reply

hi, I'm new to freshworks, would like to download your theme but there is no download link or instructions... can you help? thanks