Accordeon view to fold and unfold ticket replies

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It would be very useful to be able to fold and unfold replies within a ticket. This helps to keep a good overview.

Unfortunately, it's not always straight back and forth between us and the customer within a ticket. We are a b2b service and often a contact sends us e-mails with an e-mail history between colleagues. This means we have to scroll through a very very long ticket to go back to the right information we need.

For this, it would be very helpful if we could fold a reply to just see the top bar, but not the body of the reply.

Even better would be if we could set up what we would see when opening a ticket.

Like always unfold notes, the initial e-mail, and the newest e-mail, but fold the other replies. It would look like this: (This is a photoshopped view, I have removed all personal information for privacy)


Hi, Merel.

When the number of replies exceeds a certain number of conversations (usually three, but depends on the number of characters), Freshdesk automatically collapses the conversation revealing only the description and the final reply that was sent, making it easier to get a gist of the issue or the query discussed, without having to scroll through the entire ticket. (please see the image below)


Also, in cases where the customer might have forwarded an email thread with several conversations, the trailing conversations in the email forwarded (quoted text) will be hidden by default, similar to any other helpdesk or email client.

Please let us know if you are having any issues with this by writing to and we shall have this checked further.