Associated Asset Placeholder

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Hi Everyone!

I've logged this under ticket 3316467 as a feature request, but I figured I'd put it on here too, to see how many others want this feature.

"Hi Freshservice,

Can we have a ticket's associated asset id as an available placeholder, please? I'm amazed this isn't already part of the system!

I can see that the field "assoc_asset_id" is available via the API and looking at our tickets via the JSON viewer I can see it there too.

Why can't we access this as a placeholder? Can you please make it available?

We could really do with this feature for our new system.

Fingers very much crossed,


Hi Ben, 

Thank you so much for your suggestion. 

I'll definitely pass the feedback to our product team, and will keep you posted regarding any updates on this front. 


Karthik Pasupathy