Audit Trail

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It would be a good security feature to give the Freshdesk administrator the option to view an audit trail for both agents & contacts (shown against each individual as well as a global option to view all).

login/logout would be a basic start -- but extra options (depending on the amount of space it takes up) would be auditing creation/updating of tickets and solution/forum posts.

I second this request. I know that many organizations would like the option to see "agent movements" in Freshdesk, including; who have opened what tickets etc. Depending on how sensitive data you have this is a very important feature.

Hello David & Marcus,

We're working on something related to the audit trail that will cover a lot more options including automations. Will check the status with the team that's working on it and post an update here soon. Thanks for posting!


Hi Aravind,

Any update for us on this ?

@David The development is complete and you can expect this to be rolled out in a few weeks' time. Watch this space for an announcement soon.



Audit Log is now available on all new signups and you can read more about the feature here. We'll soon enable this for existing accounts.

You can follow this thread to see any suggestions from the Community or participate to give your own.


Audit Log is now available for your knowledge base. You can start tracking all the knowledge base related activities going forward. Read more about it here.