Feature Request: Solutions, Retain Original Authorship

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It would be very helpful in the solutions section to include the original authorship in addition to the last modifier of an article. For example, it would be nice to see something like:

Created By: Smith, John (02/12/2016)

Last Modified By: Doe, John (12/11/2018)

In the academic

world at least, authorship is highly valued and even protected. Wh
en a team member takes the incentive to create a new solution, that definitely contributes some

intrinsic value to the team. I would like to see the "Created By:" information available for display. Maybe make it toggled on/off in the settings?

Hi David, 

Thank you for your suggestion. 

I understand the importance of adding original authorship to solutions. This will definitely a worthy addition to the feature. I'll forward your suggestion to our product team for their consideration, and will keep you posted regarding any updates on this front. 


Karthik Pasupathy