Request for custom contract type to allow contract expiry dates to not be compulsory

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Currently, when I create custom contract types in Freshservice, certain default fields are compulsory. One field in particular is the contract expiry date. 

For example, if i were to create a customer contract type for a cloud application subscription that is paid monthly with no expiry, i can't because the expiry date is compulsory. I would need to create the contract using the default software contract type which allows for perpetual date

Hi Khairul, 

Thank you for writing to us. 

We understand your requirement. However, we cannot prioritize the feature at this moment. In the meantime, I'll definitely pass your requirement to our product team for their consideration. If we decide to take up the feature in the upcoming months, we'll update it on our product roadmap.

Hope this helps. Feel free to write to us for any further assistance. 


Karthik Pasupathy