SaaS Asset Tracking

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So I just learned there is no asset tracking for SaaS-based applications. 

How are users currently tracking SaaS applications? Is there any workaround currently?



Hi Bryan, 

We're considering the idea of tracking SaaS-based applications under Assets. This could be done in two approaches: 

1. Allowing the admin to manually add a SaaS application and later associating members who have access to the application.

2. Look for a way to scan and fetch details of the all the SaaS applications used in an organization. (Similar to Discovery tools)

Even though we're picking our brains for ideas, we couldn't give you an exact timeline by when it will be available in the product. If we decide to take up the feature in the upcoming months, we'll update it on our product roadmap.

In the meantime, it would be great if you could answer a few questions for us: 

* What kind of SaaS apps you wish to add to asset tracking? 

* How do you handle the situation at present?

This will be of great help to us. 


Karthik Pasupathy



Hi Karthik,

Specifically, we are looking at anything from NetSuite to Wrike to a new cloud-based phone system. Our environment is almost entirely in the Cloud. 

Currently - I created a sub-group under Peripherals entitled Software and am manually adding user licences via bulk import for tracking.



Hi Bryan,

We have a few enhancements in the works that will allow you to manage SaaS applications in Freshservice. I am merging this topic with the post on the roadmap forum. You can find more details on enhancements here:

We also want to enable you to automatically discover and manage SaaS Apps used in your organization in Freshservice. Can you take a few mins and complete this short survey? This will help us build the right solution to solve for the challenges you are facing in managing SaaS apps in your org.