Support for RingCentral Meetings

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RingCentral Meetings uses Zoom's technology, though the two don't always play well together (i.e. a RingCentral Meeting user can join a Zoom Meeting, but I don't believe a Zoom Meeting user can join a RingCentral Meeting).

Since the two are so similar, would it be possible to build a RingCentral Meetings app based on code within the Zoom Meetings app? It would be great if my Agents could schedule RingCentral Meetings with their Requesters.

Hi Nicholas, 

Thank you for reaching out to us. 

We currently do not have plans to build an app for Ringcentral Meetings, but we the marketplace platform that allows you to build your own app for integrating Ringcentral Meetings. Please note that you might need some development efforts from your side. 

To know more about our MKP platform, click here.

The other way is, you can contact our customer success team and they can help by linking you to one of our partners, who can help you build the app. 

Hope this helps. 


Karthik Pasupathy R