[HOW TO] - Parsing incoming emails SUBJET or DESCRIPTION to populate TICKET FIELDS

Hi everyone,

We are an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and we use FRESHDESK, FRESHCHAT and soon what used to be called FRESHCALLER.


At the time this message is being written, we have different channels through which tickets are created. The main ones are Freddy the CHATBOT or via incoming EMAILS.

  1. CHABOT : We gather a LOT of data from the clients booking (booking date, traveling date, insurance etc.) and we structurally push this information via the CREATE TICKET verb of the FRESHDESK API at the end of the CHATBOT CONVERSATION. As a result, the custom fields are filled in and we are able to calculate PRIORITIES (via the AUTOMATION RULES) based on these fields. 
  2. EMAILS : Here the situation is a bit more difficult. Let me try to summarize what happens :
    • One of our system (outside of FRESHDESK) sends an email to the client,
    • The client answers this email, via email of course,
    • This client answer triggers the creation of a ticket in FRESHDESK
      • unlike the case of the CHATBOT, here we do not have structured information that can be used to fill in the different fields of the ticket.


My question is the following one : 

What would be the best way to implement a logic that could parse the content of either the subjet or the description of the email sent by the client, in order to identify specific items (such as travel dates) that will then be used to populate the tickets fields in order to then calculate PRIORITIES based on these fields’ values ?


I look forward to hearing your ideas on this matter :).



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