Merging two tickets deletes all created notes in non primary.

  • 16 February 2019
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Maybe this deletes notes created in the primary. This is annoying and deletes important info. Nowhere when you merge does it say that it will delete information. This is unacceptable.

3 replies

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Merging tickets shouldn't delete the notes in the tickets. The notes from the secondary ticket would be moved to the primary ticket and will be re-arranged in chronological order. 

Can you please check the ticket activities and see if there are any activities related to deleting a note?


This request is roughly a year old and is still an issue for us. I checked the activities and there are no references to notes being deleted. It's as if the notes never existed. Here's an example of a non-primary ticket. When I click on the "6 more" icon, it doesn't expand to show what the "6 more" are.


When an agent needs more information from the customer, the ticket is updated and set to "Waiting on Customer". When the customer responds, there is an automated rule that reassigns the ticket back to the agent. As you can see in the screen shot below (area outlined in blue), the ticket status was updated but there's no record of the corresponding note from the customer.


I would appreciate an update on if this is being worked on, or if there's a work-around.

Hello Patrick,

Apologies for the delay in getting back. I understand your frustration here.

Please note that when two tickets are merged,the notes from the secondary ticket do not get deleted. All the replies and notes from that ticket will be added as respective replies and notes in the primary ticket and the secondary ticket is closed at the time of merging. Upon checking your primary ticket you would be able to find the notes transferred from the secondary ticket sorted in chronological order. Also, the activities pertaining to replies will now be a part of the primary ticket.

The consequences of merging a ticket are explained in detail in this article as well for your reference -

Please write to if you have further concerns or queries regarding this and our support team will help you understand and have it sorted.