Open attachment in browser (Chrome, Edge) instead of download. (PDF files)

  • 25 November 2021
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Can FreshDesk open the attachment in the browser instead of downloading it for .pdf files? 


I tried Chrome and Edge. If the attachment is .txt or .jpg file, it will display it in a new tab. If it behaves differently depending on the file types, what/where is the setting manages this behavior?


The reason why I want open the attachment in the browser is that I hope to print directly from the browser instead of download-open-print. 

4 replies

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Hello @RZ_Scotlynn,


At the moment, we only have the option of downloading PDF attachments and viewing it then from the browser. Unfortunately, we would not be able to customize this behavior but your feedback is truly valid and I think it’ll be worth to raise this as an idea so that other community members can also vote for this and bring attention to our product team. 



It looks like this would be a pretty simple issue to resolve. Chrome already has the ability to view PDF files without downloading them. To me it looks like the issue lies in the link when you click on the file. For instance I am working a ticket right now that has a pdf file attached as an account request form. When i hover over the icon the link comes up as, if the link was changed directly to then chrome would allow you to view the file in the browser instead of being forced to download every file you click on. 

I know we used to be able to do this, so why the change? It’s very inconvenient when you are going through many tickets every day.


In my instance, I primarily am using Chrome with Freshdesk. 
Chrome has no problem opening PDFs (other other types of files) in a new browser tab.
Can’t see why FD can’t make it happen. 

Major pain having to save it to filesystem then open from there. 

Pretty archaic. 


is any update on this? I think Freshdesk should prioritize this simple change, downloading files into agent machine could potentially lead to GPDR compliance issue.