Onboarding and Offboarding

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On of the key audit points for us is the JML (Joiner Mover Leaver) process, we need to show that we are secure (e.g. removing AD access on the day of leaving) and we are managing costly licenses effectively.

The Onboarding module is working well, but in order to Offboard people I have had to use clever tricks in Service Catalog items and a number of Automated workflows - it works but as a Global company it is not the slickest of processes. Currently, the least said about the Movers process the better.

How are other people managing and @Freshworks, is there an Offboarding module in the near future?

Steve - IT Service Manager

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Hello @steve.calder-macphee. I am right there with you brother! Anxiously awaiting an Offboarding module that works in conjunction with Onboarding. Bumping this in hopes to get some visibility. @sanofar.allahpichai Any news if this is coming?

Take care!

Hi @steve.calder-macphee, just made an account to make this very request. Well said.

Was a little surprised that the onboarding module was so well designed only for there to be no offboarding module. 

@sanofar.allahpichai adding to the cheerful clamour!


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Same here! Desperately need the same functionality as Onboarding into Offboarding.


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Since the Onboarding module is really just one individual or group that you designate to select what you are going to take action on, in the “onboard” instance it is select the role, then it alerts the department and is set up however you may have with whatever service items you may have attached depending on what role you may have selected, Is there any reason it can’t just be a second instance of it, just with the same being “off-board” and the service items be marked as “remove” in front of the service items listed in the list?  

This is my attempt at trying to gain a way to accomplish the same thing, because we need the breakdown by role of what items/services they need to be removed from as well, and the listing is by role in Onboarding, but there is no way to duplicate at all through any other process in Freshworks.  I looked through all of the automation items, and unless you want to set up sub tasks when a role is mentioned, which is not how we manage our system, there is no way to add additional items through the automation route.

Such an extensive system, and this seems like such a basic need.  

I spoke with my FS contact in December and they appear to be aware of the need. Like Steve, I currently use a set of workflows to make this happen. Basically, it is a SR bundle with child tasks sent to each service group after the parent is validated. I also take advantage of the Scheduled Workflow Automations to get my child tasks routed in a timely manner.

That said, I agree that cloning the Onboard for Offboard would be wonderful.


Yes, you are right that the least said about the Movers process the better.

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Onboarding and offboarding are two processes that are critical for managing employees in an organization.

Onboarding refers to the process of integrating a new employee into an organization and helping them become acclimated to their role, the company culture, and their colleagues. It typically includes providing new hire paperwork, setting up equipment and access to necessary software and systems, introducing the employee to key stakeholders and resources, and training on company policies and procedures. The goal of onboarding is to help new employees feel welcomed, valued, and prepared to contribute to the organization's goals.

Offboarding, on the other hand, refers to the process of managing an employee's departure from an organization. This includes the administrative tasks of collecting company property, revoking access to company systems and information, and conducting an exit interview. Offboarding may also include the transfer of responsibilities to other team members or the identification of a replacement for the departing employee. The goal of offboarding is to ensure a smooth transition for the employee and minimize disruption to the organization.

Both onboarding and offboarding are critical to the success of an organization. Effective onboarding can help to increase employee engagement and retention, while well-managed offboarding can help to protect sensitive company information and maintain positive relationships with departing employees.


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In a previous engagement we automated off-boarding with scheduled workflows.


We received a ticket via API for leavers with the requisite information for the leaver. So at 17:15 in the local timezone, based on the end date of the leaver in the ticket, the user accounts were disabled, signed out of all sessions using scheduled workflows and then deleted after 7 days. 

This was using the built in Azure and Google account management integration for disabling and deletion. 

The biggest limitation was recovering other licences, as we automated the application of then, but the Fulfil function in fresh doesn’t work with the workflow, so we didn’t keep track of who had what. So, there was regular clear up jobs to do on licence management. 

I will get a blog post written up with the example workflow for reference. 

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Just did a Onboard and Offboard setup for a customer. 

We used the onboard modul, used FS API to update parent/main ticket when child tickets was resolved.
Customer had a field where they add the resolution.
Used API to resolve the parent/main ticket when the last child ticket was resolved. We update the main ticket fields with data from sub tickets with API. We update succeeding ticket fields as well on resolve. 
Big thing I was missing was to move data across tickets on the same “level”. I found a way but I couldn’t get the onboard ID using the API. 

Offboarding was 2 step solution where the manager or employee would create a service request and when HR approved the end date a WFA created new service request with a set of child tickets assigned to different departments. 



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