Requester group able to see all tickets

  • 1 October 2022
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I am using the ticketing system for a non-IT request. I need an entire requester group to be able to see all the tickets that are submitted by that requester group. I know we can’t use a shared email address that everyone uses, as need to have each person use their personal email, but everyone needs to have access to those tickets. Is there a way to do this?

2 replies

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Would enabling "Can see all tickets from this department" work for your use case ?

You may check the following post for further reference and example:


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Hello Frank, 

If possible, there may be a few agents in this group to be able to manage the tickets in the system on a technical level. If they just need to know that a ticket exists, you can set some automation workflow to notify the specific individuals of all ticket details thorough placeholders and when they reply, the response will go to the requestor and they’ll be on as a cc.

Other than email based management of the ticket, they’ll need to be an agent to update any ticket level details. Otherwise the recommendation from eeha0120 will work as well.