Best Practices for "resolved" tickets.

  • 24 April 2015
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Let's say a customer raises a request and I'm able to "resolve" it by changing a value in the database. I don't know how the value became wrong but as far as the customer is concerned the ticket is "fixed".

I create an issue in the bug tracker, link it with the ticket.

But what status should I give the ticket?

I don't want it to show up as open, that's distracting. I guess I could put it in a custom status like 'Bug'. And then update when the issue status comes back. Will custom ticket statuses ignored by the dashboard? 

Guess I'll try it and find out.

Any ideas on a good way to deal with these scenarios would be much appreciated. 


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With the existing Freshdesk features I would use "Waiting on Third Party" as you are waiting for the developers to fix the issue. You can also use tags or ticket types to search for the category "Bugs". Once the issue is solved, you can get back to the customer and resolve the ticket.