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  • 31 October 2015
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I am trying to integrate the freshdesk chat feature into our app. I am prepopulating the visitor name via FRESHCHAT_VISITORINFO. According to the freshdesk instructions this needs to be placed just before the freshDesk chat script. Unfortunately when this is run I do not yet have the logon information - ie the users name. If I set the name on FRESHCHAT_VISITORINFO once I do have it it seems like the freshDesk script has already run without that updated name. The chat box does not pick up that change and I'm just seeing the chat from the previous session. Is there a way to update the name and force freshDesk to refresh with that name?

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1 reply

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Apologies for the pretty late reaction to the post ! As of now, the only option to populate visitor information on the webchat is to use the JS script wherein you can pass the user's details. However, this has to be invoked before the actual chat script gets executed inorder to pass on the details to Freshdesk.

Since you had mentioned that you were looking to integrate this with you app , I just thought I can put this up here for the benefit of the wider audience. We have a mobile app focused chat that you can integrate and it offers exceptional features when compared to the web chat option.

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