How do you do reviews for your team?

  • 21 February 2019
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Reports on ticket data can help you with insights on how well your team is performing. Building a great customer support team goes beyond just reporting. How would you ensure that your team is customer-focused, empathetic and good understanding about your product?

At Freshdesk, we do weekly conversation reviews where we pick a sample set of tickets based on a few criteria (CSAT, number of conversations, etc.). This has immensely helped in identifying training needs, fixing documentation issues while making sure the team is motivated to constantly improvise the way they handle tickets.

How do you do the conversation reviews for your team? Start sharing your recipes with the community :)


3 replies

We utilize a multi-faced approach.

1. Internal Quality Audits that validate proper interaction handling (Process, Professionalism, Documentation, Ownership, etc.)

2. Customer Surveys post ticket closure. Reviewing them to Controllable vs. Uncontrollable attributes per our business requirements.

3. Interaction frequency and using that as a means to set agent and customer expectations, setup webinar/training, improved documentation/manual, etc.

EvaluAgent provides software to help Freshdesk users review their tickets. We have an integration that allows you to bring ticket metadata (Agent, Date of Contact and Ticket ID) from Freshdesk in to the EvaluAgent platform. You can then use our automated work queue feature to allocate these tickets out to your reviewers.

They then have single-click access back to Freshdesk to view the full ticket detail so they can evaluate the contact comprehensively. Once the evaluation has been completed the agent can view the results back inside Freshdesk in the ticket view, or you can allow the agent to access their results within EvaluAgent so they can look at their performance trends over time and any feedback received.

You can find out more about EvaluAgent here -

Hello Dev and Alex,

That's great! Thank you so much for your valuable inputs. 

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