How to activate the free or sprout plan

  • 12 September 2013
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I do not see a account link or admin link?

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2 replies

I'm having this problem too. I signed up for a trial account, and got a "Welcome to Freshdesk" email telling me where to access the new help desk. But for the life of me can't find any kind of admin login...

When I signed up, all I provided was an account email, company name etc - but no password. I haven't been sent any kind of activation email detailing how to sign in as admin. All the support articles on this site about how to set things up seem to already assume you're logged in as admin.

I cannot believe it can be this difficult to even log in! What a disappointment!

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I am really sorry that you guys are facing difficulties in logging in to the system. 

Paul, I hope one of our agents helped you out with logging into your helpdesk account. 

Stuart, I apologize once again that we made this difficult for you. Can you please help me with your Freshdesk URL so that I can help you out better and sooner?