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  • 16 October 2014
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Pull up contact information (name, mail id, organization) of your leads right inside the ticket view from Insightly CRM. Agents can not only see the contact details but track tasks associated with each leads and its status and priority.

Installation procedure:

Create an account at

Get the API token from your insightly account

Replace the username field with the api token of your insightly account

Leave the password field as it is (blank)

Save the changes and enable the FreshPlug.

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42 replies

Thanks for putting this together and it is great to link the two systems. However when I look at a ticket and retrieve a person's record I end up fetching a ton of information very little is about that contact. I am not quite sure what it is pulling. I have written integrations with Insightly before myself so will take a look at it when I have a little more time as I can see some great potential here.


Thanks for the note. Will await your feedback.. Appreciate your time to take a look in to this integration.

Greetings--I'm an Insightly user and am test driving FreshDesk. As David mentioned, I get some info relevant to the user, but then I get pages and pages of tasks that are associated with *me* but have nothing to do with the particular client. Any idea why that is? Is there a fix in the works?



Hello Stephen,

Thanks for writing to us. Will have my support team reach out to understand this better..

Thanks for looking into it. For the time being, I removed the part in the freshplug that referenced tasks and it works properly for just the contact info. That said, it would be very helpful to see the related task info from Insightly directly in the ticket area. 



Hello Stephen,

I have made changes to the Task part of Insightly freshplug. Please find the attached zip file. Let us know if it's working fine.


Nithin David


I just tested it and it does not appear to show all tasks. (I first downloaded the main one again which was broken but then saw a new download on your post above). However now I get the error message:

There was a problem retrieving the tasks. Please refresh the page.


Hi David,

The error was caused because of the date format in the request. I have corrected it. Please update the latest code in your set up and get back to us if there's any clarification in this regard.

Regret for the inconvenience caused



That looks like it works. Can you please remove my API key from the file though!




Attached the latest Inslightly plug with all the corrections.



Looking good, thanks!



It would be great to get this into a bitbucket repo so we can more easily get hold of update and also contirbute. What do you think?

Why do you show Organisation ID instead of Organisation NAME?

Second please fix typos its "organisation" and not "Organition". And it's "Background" not "Backrgound".

Lastly I don't know why but its showing "There was a problem retrieving the tasks." for the contact im looking up, even if for this contact/email I really do have test tasks assigned to it. Do you require a special datetime format in either Freshdesk or insightly to work? I know you were talking about datetime problems above for tasks problems.

Let me know if you need more info.


Hello Gilbert Gagnon,

We've updated the plug. Now it'll show the Organisation Name instead of ID. We've also fixed Tasks pulling issue. The Date format we use in api call, is to filter the tasks that are expired. 

Please Get back if you're still facing any trouble.

Thanks & Regards

Nithin David

Thanks for the very quick turnaround! The company name now works, but the tasks is still not working..

As you can see it still shows no tasks, when you clearly do have a task assigned to this very same user.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello Gilbert Gagnon,

I'm really sorry for the trouble caused here. The current version of plug will pull only tasks that has a due date assigned to it. From your screencast, i guess you didn't add due date to the task created, so Insightly api will not pull it as we were using due date as the filter. 

I'm attaching new version of plug which will filter tasks based on status (Completed or not ), It will pull all the uncompleted tasks related to a contact. Still If you want to see all the tasks of a contact irrespective of the status or due date, please comment line number 242 and uncomment line number 243 of the attached file.

Hope this helps!

Thanks & Regards

Nithin David

Hi all,

I welcome the Insightly integration. I made a few adjustements:

 - cleaned up the misspellings in code

 - added opening Insightly links on name and company name in the new window 

 - added retrieval and presentation of Insightly Custom fields

What you need to adjust:


                        console.log('--------------- Organisation custom fields ----------');

 2) and into your own Inisghtly web in here (2 places)


insightlyContact = '<div class="contact"><div><span>Contact Name: </span><a href="' + requId +'" target="_blank">'+ name + '</a></div><div><span>Background: </span>' + background + '</div><div><span>Organisation: </span><a href="' + company + '" target="_blank" class="organization-name">'+ company+'</a></div><div><span>Org. Status: </span><label class="organization-status"> n/a </label></div><div><span>Org. Service: </span><label class="organization-service"> n/a </label></div><div>' + contact + '</div></div>';


The bitbucket / github repo would made it easier, indeed.

Use at your own / I do not provide support. File is attached.

Enjoy, Radek

Hi, I am not too sure what is to be "adjusted" in STEP 1? Can you please clarify what needs to be done to aply this update.


The example is setup for 2 custom fields. You might need to adjust the number of fields:

 - add some more or delete 1

Or to adjust the names of fields (e.g.):

replace the naming to your liking at  '.organization-status:last' and <span>Org. Status: </span><label class="organization-status"> n/a </label>

Overall there are only two places in code where the adjustments need to be done.

I am new to Freshdesk and love the fact I can integrate my Insightly contacts into this system.

I've downloaded, installed and added my Insightly API key to the code as per the last comment above.

When I go to add a ticket and search for a user that I know is in Insightly it isn't finding them though.

Am I missing something fundamental?

Hi Colin,

Did you check "Show the widget in ticket view page." option just below the freshplug code editor? . The freshplug will work in tickets page only if you select that option. Please see the screenshot below. If you have already done this, please get back to us.


Nithin David

Thanks for getting back to me.  I hadn't checked that box but I'm not sure it's picking up the info I need.

I have tested it with a client (making sure I have some background and a task loaded in via Insightly) but it isn't picking up this information when I view the ticket in Freshdesk.

Hi Colin,

Can you please send a mail to regarding this issue? Our support team will look into it.


Nithin David

HI Just wondering if the download button at the top of this page contains the latest code for the Freshplug for insightly ? I see a number of additions at a later date .. Are these corrections integrated ?
thanks for letting me know


Hi Patrick,

Yes , It is upto date.


Nithin David