iOS 7 Retina CSS Media resize issues

  • 29 September 2013
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iOS 7 seems to scale incorrectly for the Freshdesk mobile GUI.

Basically when you turn your device 90 degrees and back the rendered UI scales up and no longer fits in the screen area.
Navigation becomes very difficult if not impossible.

I had a good look around and updated the iOS but nothing improved, no user chatter either.

Searching in developer forums turned this up.

A fix appears to be posted too.



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4 replies

UPDATE - clearing the cache seems to show a fix was implemented in iOS 7.0.2

but still something to be aware of

scratch that.... it looks like this is an old bug in Freshdesk as regards switching from Portraight to Landscape in the customer FRONTEND.
On iOS 4 and 7 the Landscape is scaling at what looks like 200% and does not resize to fit the media screen dimensions.


  • load up Freshdesk (customer front end) in Portraight

  • then go to landscape


  • load up Freshdesk (customer front end) in Landscape

  • then go to Portraight

  • then go to Landscape

Screen is rendered at 200%

A fix for this would be most welcome!


ok - found the culprit.

If your portal title text is too long then the mobile screen media CSS breaks and allows the width of the portraight page to exceed the screen size thereby causing the display to become larger than the screen and hence scrollable - left to right.
With this condition, rotating the device to landscape causes the CSS to force a 200% scaled display.


HI Bren,

Thanks for taking the trouble to point the problem and possible solutions. We will forward this to the mobile team and get this fixed as soon as possible.