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  • 1 July 2015
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I have two support email addresses.  When replying the default email address is always the one that gets used to reply.    Can we not set it up so that we reply by default from the same email address that received the request?

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9 replies

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your post on our forums.

Regarding your query, this is already possible in Freshdesk and is default behaviour.

Assume you have configured two support mail accounts in Freshdesk:

  • (default)


Scenario 1: Tickets are created from emails received in any of the support mail accounts:

In this scenario, when you reply to the ticket, the reply is sent from the email address that received the request, by default.

Scenario 2: Tickets are created from the Freshdesk portal:

In this scenario, we use the default mail account to send out the reply.

In both scenarios mentioned above, you can change the reply mail account if you wish, by choosing the desired mail account in the "From" field.

Hope this clarifies your doubt. Have a great day ahead!

Does that rule apply to emails triggered by Dispatch'r as well?

We have four groups at our company and each group receives tickets from unique email sources.  So I have set up Dispatch'r rules to send an auto reply to the customer letting them know their email has been received, but I would like the reply-to on each to be the correct email for that group.

In my testing, which admittedly has just been adding tickets manually from Freshdesk, all the notifications are coming from the default email address.  So I want to be sure that what you describe above will apply to Dispatch'r emails as well once we go live and start sending our support emails here.

For Scenario 2, we should be able to set default emails depending on what group the new ticket is assigned to. Is this a possibility? 

In Scenario 2, we should be able to set multiple default emails based on what group it is assigned to. We have run into issues where an agent replies with the wrong email bc 99% of tickets are inbound, but when a ticket is created like in Scenario 2, they are not used to changing the reply email. BUT, the group has already been assigned. 

The assigned group should override the default email. 

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to follow up with a quick note about the behavior of the system - Shawn, Yes Dispatch'r rules have the ability to check which email address was in the To: line and then do an action that would assign the ticket to a particular group and send a notification to the requester about the ticket. Such notifications sent from the dispatch'r have the appropriate To: email address based on the ticket.

For scenario 2, if you want tickets sent to a particular email address to be assigned to a particular group, then you can do it right in the Admin->Email section. Here's a screenshot showing how you can do that. Currently, the system allows only 1 email address to be mapped to one Group under Admin->Email.  

Peter, to answer your second question - For the outbound email scenario, the agent can choose the From: email address, but the default address is selected. We don't have the override behavior that you mentioned when the Group is selected, but can take it up as a feature request.



Hi, what would be the set up look like if we have two support addresses that clients send to since their message contains two issues of different departments. Will the tickets be visible for both team's Views if we set up a Dispatch'r rule for that? Or does Freshdesk only pick one destination for the ticket to go into? With that being said, another posing problem is what if the ticket gets 'Solved' by one team - will the other team still see the ticket?

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Hello Jahnella,

In that case, there would be two tickets created in your helpdesk, corresponding to each support email address. The visibility of the ticket depends on the agents' privilege on whether they can see tickets across the helpdesk or just their own tickets.


What about when one of the support addresses is only CC'd? 

Some support emails are just cc'd in a ticket and the condition 'Received at' does not register when the group is only cc'd.

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@Jahnella, In case you're assigning the groups using the Dispatchr' rule, I'd suggest you add the condition to check for the email in both the "TO" and "CC" field of the email. Let me know if this helps.