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we noticed weird behaviour with the "Public URL" for our internal fresh desk tickets.

Users who are logged in to the freshdesk client dashboard are unable to open "Public URLs" and are instead directed to the login page.

If the logged in user now logs OUT of his freshdesk account, he is able to access the "Public URL" again. It seems that there is a bug with access to "Public URLs" when a client is logged in to freshdesk already.

Steps to reproduce:

- Client A requests a new ticket with a freshdesk agent.

- Freshdesk agent B accepts the ticket and creates a public URL for it.

- Client C (who already has a fresh desk account and is logged in already) clicks on the public URL for Client As ticket.

 - Client C is prompted to log in again despite already being logged in. 

 - If Client C logs out of freshdesk, he can access the public URL again.

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Hi ,


Thanks for elaborating this.

We will have this checked with the concerned team and will keep you posted on this ! 


Not sure this is the exact same problem, but when I get a mail from FD, with a direct link to a ticket, I am redirected to the login page. 
I have noticed this behaviour a week ago. 

https://support.comcare.dk/support/tickets/3756 redirects to https://support.comcare.dk/support/login 
If I then login, I am redirected to https://support.comcare.dk/helpdesk instead of the current ticket.

Hi Thomas,


This should be treated as a different problem, considering the fact that you are not using public ticket URL. 

In your case, when you enter the credentials and login, you should be taken to the ticket details page, instead of the dashboard.


However, I noticed that there is an occasional agent access to your portal at our end. Do you mind if I use that to login and test the behavior out ? 

Feel free to try out with the occasional agent. But... I am the only agent experiencing this behaviour.

It doesen't matter which computer or platform I use. 

If I am logged in, and enter a ticket via dashboard or the ticket list, I am able to jump from ticket to ticket by changing the ticket number in the URL. 

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Update :

Default behaviour :


When a logged in customer tries to access the public ticket URL of another ticket (that was not raised by him/her), it prompts him or her to the login page again.


This is in place because the customer is accessing the public ticket URL of another ticket and not his/her own ticket.


Would it be possible to change this behaviour in order to allow logged in users to access to all tickets through the public URLs? (raised by him/her or not)

That is odd and awkward to reply to users/customers that they have to log out before being able to access the public ticket URL of another ticket (not raised by him/her).



I have the same problem, anyway in chaning this behaviour ?