ADmanager Web Request Node

  • 15 March 2023
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My company is trying to setup a API request from FreshService to ADManager using Workflow Automations but have been unable to get working.

Have been able to successfully test the API request using Postman but when putting in the endpoint and keys into FreshService it returns "Mandatory parameters are missing."

Here is the successful call using Postman:

Then here is the Web Request in FreshService (PRODUCT_NAME is different as this identifies application for reporting and can be anything) :

Return status is 200 so server is receiving the request but does not like the provided data. Due to not being able to see what the api call actually looks like before have been unable to troubleshoot what could be wrong.

Any help on if we have setup the structure wrong or what it could be would be much appreciated. 

1 reply


Try using %3A instead of :, if I remember correct Postman handles this automatically but Freshservice does not.