Notification Email Groups not working

  • 14 October 2022
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Apologies if this has already been answered, I searched the forum and was not able to find this scenario.


We have setup automated Requester Email notifications for new tickets, and the notifications work perfectly if a new email is sent directly to our Freshdesk email (e.g., but we do not receive the Requester email notifications if our email ( is a member of an email group.  We have a group email box (e.g. that includes multiple people, including, and we are not receiving automated Requester notifications when our Freshdesk email is a member of the group.  Any ideas?


Thank you!



3 replies


I should also mention that a new ticket is created in Freshdesk when a new support request is sent to our email group, so Freshdesk is receiving the new support emails when they are sent to the email group, but the automated Requester email notification is not sent when our support email (e.g. is in a mail group - we are only receiving the automated Requester email notification when a new request is sent directly to our Freshdesk email.

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Hi @sengle,


Looks like we’ll have to check he logs to see what exactly happened. Could you please DM me your Freshdesk account URL, the email address where the notification emails were not being received and the Email headers for the email which created as ticket? 


This would be helpful for us to troubleshoot this further. Else, you can drop an email to with the above requested details and someone from our team would assist you.




If anyone reads this post in the future, I have been working with Freshdesk and below is the response I received from them when putting the freshdesk email account inside a shared mailbox or distribution list.


From Freshdesk support:

Is this a shared mailbox or a distribution list to which you are not receiving notifications? If yes, it is not recommended to add shared groups or a distribution list as support emails as this can cause issues with email delivery.