Best approach for adding multiple orders to a Deal

  • 27 November 2022
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We create a product quote for the customer and save as a deal - the customer can buy at multiple points from the quote, so on the first purchase we mark the deal as won and update the deal value to reflect the actual order amount (the original quote value is stored separately) 

But if the customer makes a subsequent purchase from the same quote, what is the best approach to record this?

If we update the Deal with the net total of the purchases we loose the fact that the customer placed multiple orders against the single deal. I’ve thought of auto creating a new deal linked to the original quote but making the quote ID non-unique takes away the ability to search by quote ID with the API call so I’d prefer not to have multiple deals all referencing the same quote.

Anyone out there have a good way to record order #1 order value #1, order #2, order value #2...etc.. against a single quote or deal?



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Hi there,

That's an interesting question! We understand your use case.

You'd like to calculate a customer's purchase history sequentially. However, as you mentioned, the Product field in the Deal module only shows the total quantity sold (which you would update).

Additionally, assuming Quote ID is an external identifier pulled from your database, it's important to note that Deals and Quote IDs have a one-to-one relationship. Any update or creation through the API will update the corresponding deal in Freshsales CRM.

Therefore, while our Enterprise feature (Field History Tracking) allows tracking deal value and field changes, it only functions at the UI level.

Regret the inconvenience caused.



Sankaran J