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  • 24 February 2021
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Hi everyone,


Looking to see how people manage feature requests that come in both via tickets and comments on forum topics?


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5 replies

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Yes, I’m looking for the same.  There used to be an “Ideas” forum in FreshDesk Community for this. I don’t see this any longer.  

@freshdesk , is there a recommendation for how customers can submit feature requests? 

Update: Looks like it just moved.  I found this when clicking on the “Community” dropdown at top of

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@adam_14612 @stevemc We currently have moved the Ideas as a separate category in our Community.

Access the Ideas forum and navigate to the section you want to submit an idea and suggest developments and also dive deep into the intellections of our Freshdesk community.

You can also reach out to and discuss with our agents to submit any feature or enhancement requests that you would love to have in our product.

We will always make sure to keep the thread alive with any updates on the feature request if we have included in our roadpmap.



Freshdesk Community Team

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Please can we get something implemented that makes it easier to search for feature requests?


This is really challenging, not just for our customers, but also the employees that use Freshdesk…


I spend ages scrolling through our community and I have to make manual notes when I am notified about a feature request or find one that I think we, the company I work for, could take forward.

I am notified at the moment by our support team whenever a feature request comes in (and is relevant to the product I look after)… there should be an automation that notifies a selected person when a feature request is created (depending on additional fields that the user has to populate)

  • if this isn't a feature already, add it to this feature request.


Also, there should be something that allows internal employees to ‘subscribe’/watch a feature request and get notified when the number of likes pass a certain threshold.

  • for example, I set this threshold to 10 upvotes and then I get notified by email


Please can this get implemented? It’s such a struggle at the moment.

We were told that we should set this up ourselves using your API, but to me… this is you just ignoring the problem which isn't very pleasant when we’re spending multiple thousands on a product. 




The irony is that the votes for this Feature Request for Freshdesk may get lost in your current framework…

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Hello, I hope I'm at the right place here for some Feature Requests, if not, please inform me where to move this.​​​​​​

A customer of us had some questions which we think could be interesting, and we like to add them in this feature requests.

  • Show the full filename of an attachment when sending a answer to the requester
  • Possibility to avoid a closing mail to be send when the ticket is a child ticket
  • Possibility to show the ticketlist on the left side of the screen and get a preview of the chosen ticket on the right side. (like a mail client)
  • Automations are not applied on collaberators

Hopefully there are more people here that like this ideas.




When a user saves a private note on freshdesk, if this user then tries to edit this note and add a canned response to his note, this canned response option isn’t available.

Please can we allow users to add canned responses when ‘editing’ a note.