CSS in FreshDesk has serious limitations

  • 17 August 2022
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Ok, so when styling up a portal in FreshDesk the CSS page under customization appears to be VERY limited.

  • Single and double quotes are escaped into HTML safe variants
  • @ symbols are simply not allowed

Given that these issues mean that ::after/::before pseudo classes can not have content added, and that media queries are also impossible, what gives? I understand that you do this to prevent DB injection by removing suspect characters, but it REALLY hamstrings the product.

So, we’re forced now to have an external stylesheet to achieve what should be a simple matter.

The product forces companies to do work around after work around after work around when it comes to both branding and forms.

You guys really need to sort this out.

Unless, of course, I’m missing something obvious?


1 reply

Can I see an example of how or where you reference the external CSS stylesheet in the code view?