Agent Created group vs Ticket assigned group

  • 15 March 2023
  • 3 replies

How to identify how many tickets are transferred out from an ticket initiating group to other resolver groups, all the ideas are invited. I want to know tickets that are transferred out of specific group to other resolver groups.

3 replies

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As FS do not save history of a ticket I would say a tag or not. Then use view or a report to show how many. 

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There may be several ways to achieve what you are looking for, depending on your needs.

We have Level 1 (L1) groups and Level 2 groups (L2).

When a ticket is Escalated, we set up a workflow to transfer the ticket to the corresponding L2 group, and ticks / sets an internal custom variable called Escalated, and we perform several statistics with that.

Hope this helps.




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To clarify my suggestion, is to use a automation that trigger on change group from “initiating group” to any 

Action Set tag {{}} or if you wish to use tag called Escalated. 

Then a report on easier the tag Escalated or each groups Tag. In case you have Pro/ENT