Multi-Layer Ticketing

  • 16 March 2023
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Hello! I’m sure the title is a little crazy so here’s what I’m trying to do -

Basically, we have a request item that comes through and we need a private note added to the ticket with the appropriate purchasing/expense groups and location based on the information from the ticket so that the agent doesn’t need to pull up the spreadsheet.

I would normally build this out using a simple workflow, however with the different layers, and over 500 employee titles, it would be extremely labor intensive. 

Any help or a step in the right direction would be most appreciated!


1 reply

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Hi @atozwee, this seems like a great use case for Custom Objects. Custom Objects are custom entities that can be created in Freshservice which can then be referenced in workflow automations to simplify complex problems. This Creating Custom Objects article will help get you started and be sure to check out the video for an example.

Once you have created the Object Records for the Purchasing Groups, Expense Groups, and Locations, you can then reference those as placeholders in a private note action in the workflow automator. With the amount of title possibilities, you may want to import these as well. Check out this article Importing and exporting custom objects.