Webhook Trigger GET respose

  • 11 August 2021
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The documentation for Webhook Triggers talk about being about to use GET method to :

  • GET Requests are typically used to retrieve one or all resources.

How do you use the resulting data from the Webhook Trigger in a down stream step?   


Or does anyone have a solution to get data from a external source and continue the workflow or trigger another workflow? 

At the moment i was to run a workflow that validates some data entered, but there does not appear to be any way to use the data entered in to a service request and then send that off to an external API for validation and then condition on the results of the call. 

Am I missing something ?  Or then what is the point of even allowing a GET Webhook Trigger if you can’t do anything with the result?

2 replies

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Hello @chrisitms, these complex workflows are great use cases for using the additional workflow automator features of the APP node, READER node, and (in your case) the JSON PARSER node

Here is a link to take a look at that talks about JSON Parser. I think this might help you out.

Also, depending on your use case, there is always the ability to build custom applications for the freshservice platform.

Hope this helps,


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