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Hello FD Community,

I am a long time Zendesk user that is making the transition to FD and find I am struggling on a couple of things. The biggest being custom ticket fields and the management of when an agent sees them and when they are required to fill them out. In Zendesk, you could have ticket fields that were only visible based on the form the ticket was using. Any fields that were not on the form, were not visible to the agent even if they were required on a different form. Has anyone figured out how to do that in FD? If so, please share your wisdom with me. Either I am just struggling to wrap my head around something or I am missing it all together. 


Thanks in advance.

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You can do this with Business Rules.


Could you elaborate please?

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I apologize, I didn’t notice this was in Freshdesk. We use Freshservice. I don’t know if that feature is available in Freshdesk.


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Hi @tlamm,


You can try creating Dynamic Sections in your ticket fields to display relevant fields to agents depending on the type of issue, group, etc. Article for reference -


You can also use apps like the “Hide Fields” app to hide irrelevant fields for agents based on conditions -


There are also apps to customise the choices that are displayed within dropdown fields such as the “Set Ticket Field Options” app if you’re interested -




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Hello @tlamm - Just wanted to check in if the above response resolved your issue? Please let us know if you would like further support on this. Happy to set up a call too if that would be useful! Please do let me know.

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Hi @tlamm If you’re on the PRO plan or above, you can set up multiple forms in Freshdesk and define fields that should be part of the individual forms. Here’s an article that you can follow to set up different forms in Freshdesk.

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I am having the same problems or similar ones.

I have multiple forms. Each form requires bespoke ticket fields. However, ticket fields used in Forms B for example are appearing for customers on the Form A even though those particular ticket fields are not on Form A. I cannot see a way round this.