Reporting on Company and Department Tickets

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Hi All

Relatively new customer of Freshservice and still haven't gone live with users yet until we get everything setup how we want it.

We sync requesters to Freshservice using the AD probe and AD attributes are populated with fields such as company and department. My company has multiple subsidiaries so i want the ability to report on companies and ditto for departments.

My (possibly slightly stupid) question is this. Can Freshservice report on this natively? Can I run reports that pull in the requesters department or company from their Freshservice profile? For example: Total number of tickets logged for Company Contoso in March? OR Total number of tickets logged for department Marketing in March?

My initial assumption was no, this isn't possible. So I created drop down fields for the Company and Department in field manager and then intended on Agents manually setting this dependant on who the requester is. But this feels like duplication to me as the requester already has these details associated to them.

Grateful for any thoughts!

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If you have Pro license you can create your own reports and use the department as a filter.
You can use the Workflow automator to set a Company field based on what is set in the user. 

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Thanks Daniel - We do have pro. To clarify, are you saying that in order to report, I do still need to have a separate company field in order to report on that? Without one there is no native way of reporting based on the backend fields of the requesters company?

With plan B of adding the field and using Workflow Automator, i cant figure out how to pull the company based on the requesters company field.

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Gone down a bit of a rabbit hole here. In workflow Automator, The Action “Set Department” field doesn't allow placeholders or results from expressions. If it did, this would be perfect. I literally want to pass a calculated string into a ticket field.

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Managed to achieve this by:

Departments is a default field that already gets dynamically assigned based on Agent - Not sure how i missed that…..

Company - There is an app called “Sync requester fields with ticket fields” which enables you to map requester filed company to a field