export tickets with a string in the body of the ticket

  • 14 September 2023
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I’m trying to find all closed/resolved tickets in the date range 11/1/22 to 9/14/23 and a specific string in the description of the ticket, such as prodUI. I know that I can’t export searches to a csv is there another way to accomplish this?

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Please find below some ideas in order to accomplish your need:

Create a report with a simple widget for ticket count with your required ticket properties filter:

In Underlying data, ensure to have the column Description (among the other ones you may need).

Then, Export the CSV of Tabular Data, and process that CSV with a Spreadsheet app to filter the rows which contain the word or phrase you need.



If this will be a recurrent task, I might suggest creating a Workflow which checks for the description with your desired word / phrase and set as Asction to Add a tag to the ticket, let’s say prodUI. This way, you can use the created report and apply an additional filter by Tag, and then simply Export the CSV tabular data, and this will be already filtered by your word/phrase by using the Tag attribute.



Another approach could be playing with API calls in a staged way:

You could first List All Ticket fields (you can currently apply filters by created date and status).

Then, filter out the list of tickets with your desired word in the description.

Filter Tickets

List All Ticket Fields

Update Ticket



Again, if this will be a recurrent query, you might process that filtered list and update the tickets by adding the suggested Tag and then Use the report with the filter by Tag.



Hope this helps.