Limited export csv file with Sprout License?

  • 28 January 2023
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Hello Community!

I tell you that I have a client with the Sprout version with the FreshDesk solution. We are in the process of auditing and an export in csv of all the tickets created from the origin to date is requested, but when performing this export, now it is extracted limited and the visualization in portal is also limited. Is this due to licensing? Or is it a known bug? In case it is a licensing issue, what plan should I upload to be able to see the complete history from the origin?

Thanks and regards! Milton C.

5 replies

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Hi Milton :) Welcome to the Community. My colleague @barun.poddar maybe able to help here

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Hi @mcastel 


To export the tickets from your helpdesk, please navigate to the Tickets tab, apply the filters and export the data in CSV or Excel format. Please refer to this article for more information. 

If you want to export all the tickets with conversations, Please navigate to Admin -> Account -> Account Details -> Export data. This allows you to get the entire data in your account which includes your tickets, solutions, forums and the list of customers in the form of XML. Please have this converted into a readable script at your end with the assistance of developers. Kindly note that an Account Administrator is one who would be able to access the accounts tab. 

Feel free to drop a note here incase of further assistance :)




Hello! Thanks for the comments @barun.poddar and @Arvind Ramamurti . Indeed, that report had been doing without problems, both the monthly with its range of dates and the total history. But since this month, it does not allow me to see the total ticket for the month even though the dates are correct. Do you know if this is associated with a licensing issue or is it a known error of some update?

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Hi @mcastel, 

I think i can help you solve this problem. We are building a tool Stackit ( that pulls data from Freshdesk into Google sheets.


We are working to find our first 10 customers to do the POC with. We would love to solve this problem for you and for 100% free. Just give us feedback on the product :)

If you are interested, please email me on

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Hello @mcastel Were you able to get this sorted? If not, can you please share a screenshot of the page so we can troubleshoot this further?