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  • 31 August 2022
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we would like to merge two Freshdesk organizations. What is the best way to proceed here?


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Hi @schulit 


Greetings from Freshworks Community !


In Freshdesk, currently we do not have an option to merge two Freshdesk accounts, however we would be able to migrate the complete data from one Freshdesk account to another. This is a custom request which will be done from our end when requested, if you would like to proceed with the migration request, please drop an email to our team would help you out on the same. 


I hope this helps.

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Hi there, 


As mentioned above, Freshdesk doesn’t offer an option to merge multiple organizations. However, you can associate one contact with multiple companies. 


To do so, go to Contacts on the left pane. Then press More > Edit next to the contact name to change the company association of existing contacts. Afterward, click on Add company and type the name of the needed one. Hit Save to apply new settings.


Similarly, you can merge contacts. Once again press Contacts on the left panel. Choose the contact you want to merge and hit Merge on the action bar. There find and pick the needed contact for merging. After that, mark the primary contact - it would contain all the basic information and adds the data from the secondary contact. Then press Continue. Afterward, review the information you want to associate with the main contact. Finally, press Confirm.


If any of the options above don’t meet your needs, you can merge two Freshdesk accounts with the automated migration service. To do so, just pick Freshdesk as your source and target platform. However, you will need to fill in the corresponding URL and API Token. Then select the data you want to migrate; map agents, groups, tickets, and articles. And get your data moving.


I hope any of these options can work for you.


Best of luck