Problem with Ticket Fields (Type) in Sprout Plan

  • 30 January 2020
  • 9 replies

Since yesterday I cant change or add more "Type" options in the Ticket Fields.

When I save the options that I need, appears  an error:
Your ticket field could not be saved. Please try again.

This error only appears in the Sprout Plan. The Blossom Plan dont have this error.

9 replies

Hello there,

I am also experiencing the same issue with our Sprout Plan.

Could  you please let us know if this is an actual issue or is now a limitation put in place?

Thank you

I'm also experiencing the same issue with our Sprout Plan and would like to know if this is a new limitation or an issue that will be fixed.

Yup, same issue here as well. Looking forward to seeing a fix.

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We had recently rolled out a new version of the ticket fields for select accounts. The ability to customise ticket fields isn't available in the Sprout plan. This is a bug with the newly shipped version and will be fixed soon.


Hi Aravind,

Thanks for the reply.

Does this include adding additional choices to the default ticket fields do you know?

We current use the Sprout Plan for FreshDesk and have successfully added additional drop down options to the default ticket fields in the past which have saved fine, however if we try to adjust these now we get the 'Your ticket field could not be saved. Please try again' error.

I've attached an example where we have successfully added additional field options in the past which we now can't update.

Do you know if this functionality of adding additional options to default ticket fields will be taken away on the Sprout Plan with the update or is this only to do with adding custom fields?

Thanks for your time.

Michael Lucas


FYI, I'm also having this problem. I've also tried to update the options via the FreshDesk API and received the following error:



 "description""Validation failed",

 "errors": [



     "message""This feature is not available in your current plan. Please upgrade your plan.",





Hi Tom,

Is that the error message you receive when attempting to modify one of the default fields, or is this when adding or changing a custom field?

With the Sprout plan we currently can't add any additional fields or use the customer fields from the left hand side of the editor, however we have previously been able to adjust the default field options which is what is now giving us the error.

The interesting part, is that previous customization we have made to the default fields are still showing and usable, we just can't make new edits.


Michael Lucas

It will be fixed soon ?

"Soon" its in one week ?, in one month ? ...  =(

What its the priority to solve the bug ?


Hi, guys.

Apologies for the delay in getting back.

As Arvind had mentioned earlier, this was a bug we encountered and the fix for this has been rolled out for all the accounts. This is no longer an issue.

We really appreciate your patience while we worked to fix this.

Happy Supporting!