Clear/reset test data from new account

  • 19 December 2018
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Is there an easy way to clear out all the example tickets, contacts, and other stuff created with a new account?  We have decided on a plan and we're ready to use it for real data.

7 replies

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Hello Jason,

Hope you were able to start afresh with your account. You can delete the contacts permanently so that it wipes out all the associated data in the helpdesk, allowing you to start fresh with your Freshdesk account. If you've already managed to clear the data, tell us how things are coming along with your Freshdesk account :)

For the uninitiated, Freshdesk also allows you to set up a Sandbox account that mirrors your existing set up for you to test and deploy changes. When you set up the helpdesk for testing purposes, we suggest you set up the Sandbox and test the features instead of clogging the live account with test data.


that's not really an easy way to clear your demo data..
there are 15 users to delete..
is it really the in way to get an fresh installation with no user and no tickets?

is there?

I feedback the same thing and the support person refuse to believe that there are a bunch of test data created during the test -.-

In the end I just clear it myself. A few areas to clear

1. Tickets

2. Contacts
3. Companies

4. Forums

There is a select all button to clear them, didn't take long to do it. Hope this helps, if there's anything I missed please add on, it will help.

how to delete sample solution categories?

@Bilal- You could go ahead and access the Solutions tab from the left of the helpdesk and click on Manage.

This would then prompt the list of categories and folders to the left of the page.

On hovering over the name of a category, you will then see an edit option, represented by a pencil and notepad icon.

Clicking on this icon would then allow you to delete the category.

Hope this helps!