Contact search - Custom Filters from Agent Portal

  • 6 January 2020
  • 2 replies


Is it possible to add filters to the Contact search from the Agent portal?  Searching tickets is not going to meet the needs of my support desk. We will need to search our list of contacts and be able to narrow the results by more than the supplied filters in the attached screenshot.  

For example, could we add a field to filter by zip code?  Will this field use wild card functionality?  Our customers may not have accurate information of their location and we will need to be able to efficiently locate the exact location with minimal information.

Thank you!


2 replies


Not sure if this is easily (or at all) possible. I checked the developer guides and you do have the ability to make a custom app that sits on the Contacts list page:

However, it states that it runs in the background so I'm unsure if you can add a custom filter this way. May be worth contacting support directly to ask to be sure.

If it's possible to create the UI you need then you should be able to filter based on your custom fields as you can get them from the API etc

Good luck!

Thanks, I found that tool, but I was hoping that I was overlooking an obvious option somewhere.