Customer reply does not change ticket from Pending

  • 26 June 2012
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Before the latest update, once we sent a reply to a ticket, we could then mark it as Pending, and thus waiting on the customer's response. Then, when the customer replied, it would change the ticket back to Open. This would then appear on our Open Tickets views and we could address the ticket.

But since the update, customer replies do not change the ticket's status back to Open. Is there a way to resolve this? Is this something we must do manually? Why was this automation removed?

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3 replies

Also, when a ticket is "closed" and a customer reply to it, it do the same, so we loose reply from customers.
Hi Guys

This is mainly because of the change we introduced in Custom Status. Kindly change the SLA Timer as Off in Ticket fields for STATUS and ticket will be moved to OPEN.

Also, we are updating a fix this weekend, that will move ticket to OPEN irrespective of the previous Status.i,e, when a customer replies to a ticket.

Is this done?
I see in many of these posts FreshDesk personnel have stated an impending fix but have not updated the post to confirm it is in production.