Data Storage doens't work and it doesn't give any errors

  • 24 February 2017
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I have a custom app which features data storage.

It runs well locally but if i deploy it on freshdesk and the app shows up but i don't have any errors on the console, and the save data feature doesn't work because after storing data and reloading the widget the data is missing.

Can anyone help ?

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2 replies

How can it be possible that handling the response of data store on local host is different from running on freshdesk !?

How can i make sure everything works well ?

It's seems i should move my business elsewhere!!!!

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Hello Carlos,

Our sincere apologies for missing out on the reply for this thread. Hope you were able to get the app up and running. In case if you're still facing any issues, drop us a note here and we'll definitely pick it up asap.