Disable Paging the API?

  • 8 September 2013
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Is there any way to disable paging in the API?

I want to pull the data into Excel using Power Query but it will only pull the first 30 tickets.  I know I can you specify the page parameter but the tool doesn't support the ability to continue calling the API while increasing the page number till non results are found.

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1 reply


First off, I'm really sorry for the late reply. Really really sorry. You've probably already discovered the answer yourself but I thought I'd tell you anyway. You can't disable paging in the API. We've deliberately restricted the number to 30 because we didn't want it to max out the DB load. So, Excel's Power Query is a no go. Why don't you try something like Postman (a Chrome extension) to pull the data? You'll have to do quite a bit of magic to be able to pull up the data in Excel, though.