Dispatch'r is not auto-closing tickets

  • 6 August 2012
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We've had a rule setup in Dispatch'r to auto-close tickets from a certain email address. It has been working fine until today. Now they are not closing. Our helpdesk is located at http://support.spolandsolutions.com/.

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6 replies

Our dispatcher is also no longer triggering a rule we have to assign tickets to a certain group.  Also, e-mail notifications do not seem to be working.
We are seeing this, too -- We have a Dispatch'r rule that assigns the ticket to a particular group, and that isn't happening. Once we assign them to the groups manually, we are getting the email notifications to those groups of the new ticket in their queue, so we're not seeing David F.'s extra note -- just the issue with the Dispatch'r rules.
Just started getting all the emails so there must have been some queuing issue or something.
That was us, too -- there was a big gush of emails just now, so that seems like the case. Now we just need the rule to handle assigning again. 🙂
Just had a ticket assign according to the Dispatch'r rule, so I think we may be back up on this.
Hi Guys

Sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

One of our process failed due to which the Dispatch'r job was not triggered.

We've fixed this and ensured this doesn't happen again

Sorry for the trouble