dispatcher rule to autoforeward ticket to serveral contacts

  • 30 May 2013
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One of our customers asked us to auto add several contacts as a cc into the ticket thread.


Contact A works for company X. 

Contact B also.

Contact C also.

Contact A logs into the customer portal and creates a new ticket. Now he wants auto include Contact B and C into the ticket as CC.

He can do this manually after he created the ticket, but he wants this to happen automatically.

I tried to create a dispatcher rule and a supervisor rule, but both don't have the possibility to send emails to other persons than agents.

How can I comfort this customer? Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance,


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3 replies

This is exactly what we want to do.  Was there ever any solution to this?

I would like to do the same thing as well.

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Hello everyone,

I would like to tell you that we now have a solution for this workflow!

In the Dispatch'r rule, you have an option to "Add CC" in the list of actions. So, you can create a rule that says, whenever a ticket comes in from john@abc.com, add peter@abc.com and mark@abc.com in the CC list.

Let me know if this helped, guys!