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  • 12 June 2018
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I have 4 portals I use across my schools I support.

My original portal allows me to log in and go straight to the ticket page, recently my other three portals now force me to log in twice, once on the normal login page, then I'm redirected to log in again with the same account on the freskworks login page.

Unfortunately this is also affected all my contacts who try to log in and raise a ticket.

Is there a way to disable the second login page?


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3 replies

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Hello Aftab,

Only the agents will be redirected to the Freshworks login page and it shouldn't affect the end user flow. The idea of the Freshworks login page is that once logged in, you'd be able to seamlessly access all accounts without the need of a re-login.


So frustrating this double login.  What are you guys trying to do?

I login on the first page fine; then I use the same email address and password on your duplicate-let's-make-the-system-less-convenient-feature and it says the email and password don't match and I have 4 attempts left before my entire account is blocked.  Really? 

I would agree that this behaviour is very frustrating. It would make more sense if you had to log in with a different username and password at each point, or if the username and password didn't really matter at one of the points. But you have to put in exactly the same username and password, twice in a row, to log in. It is frustrating.