Email received are not converted to ticket

  • 6 February 2020
  • 3 replies


When a mail is sent to our service mailbox (polled by Freshdesk), ticket is not created

Multiple tries at various intervals and same status.

How could it be possible?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Best regards,

3 replies

Hey Steve,

Are you using the freshdesk domain email or your own mail address+forwarding etc?

We used this article here - - to setup a forwarding rule from our server to the freshdesk one. Freshdesk spoof the same address when sending back so we added a DKIM record to ensure most customer still see the mail as valid.


@AnthonyThanks for your update !

In the meanwhile, I have requested the support of Freshdesk and they have analysed with success my issue.

In a few words, and from my understanding, Freshdesk system can detect relation on mail header between Message-ID and Reference to link and in fact, mail were "appened" to already existing case and not lost :)

This thread could be considered as closed and solved !

Thanks all for your attention and kind support

Best regards,

Hi, guys.

I am happy to know that our support team was able to help you with your query. Feel free to drop in an email to if you guys need any further help.