How are 'First Contact Resolution' and 'Average First Response Time' defined?

  • 21 November 2012
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I like to know the EXACT definition of a 'First Contact Resolution' and 'Average First Response Time'.

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9 replies

Hi Johan,

Very sorry about the delayed response from our end and thankyou very much for actively taking part in our forum discussions.

First Call Resolution: When an agent resolves the ticket in the first response itself, meaning if the ticket is closed or resolved in the first response, those tickets come under First Call Resolution(FCR). 

Average Response Time: Sum of the time taken for all your responses over a select timeframe/ total number of tickets received during that timeframe. 

Hope this gave you a clarity on the definitions. Please keep talking to us, we assure we will be super prompt with the replies:D



Does the "average response time" take into account the SLA policies?

How is "response" defined?  Is it a reply email?

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Yes, the average response and resolution times take the SLA policy set into account. 


A response is a reply sent by the agent to the customer ticket/email. 

Sorry but Average First Response Time or Average Response Time take the business hour set into account?

Are you sure?

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Yes, the Average First Response/Response time will take the business hours into account. 


I don't know...I can't make any sense of what I'm seeing in the reports and what I see in the actual ticket activity. It looks to me like FD is looking for some status change or something. Same with SLA timers - so far I can't reliably use them because I can't tell what causes a timer reset.


It seems to be looking at a 24/7 schedule from our end.

If we get an email at 10:00 pm at night, but answer that ticket at 7:00 am in the morning, we don't want an average response time of 9 hours. We're not 24/7 care and we tell our customers that we will respond within 1 hour during business hours. Our reports will make it appear much longer if we can't take business hours into consideration.

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There will be small differences in the values shown under the Reports and the ones under the raw ticket dump. For examples, merged tickets wouldn't be seen as separate as separate tickets but the tickets dump see it as two unique tickets. If you'd like deep dive a bit more on this, you can drop in brief email on your discrepancies in the reports data to support(at)freshdesk(dot)com.

@Herb If you have your business hours setup that excludes 10:00 PM the reply sent next morning shouldn't ideally have a first response time of 9 hours as you'd pointed out. The reports would consider only the actions performed during the Business hours.