How do i get the custom fields of ticket?

Hi All,

            In my case, I need to push some custom fields from ticket to the customer when the ticket is created newly.

  So far I can able to create the backend app and got the all the ticket data apart from the custom fields.

Also getting error like "Upload a valid Package (.zip) File", while submitting the app to 

the Developer portal.

1. How can I access the custom fields of the ticket, and how do I update to customer Custom fields

2. Is there any other way to build the package.

FYI.., Am using Node.Js, and Jquery.   

 var address = domHelper.ticket.getTicketInfo()



   Thanks in advance.

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Hello Srinivas,

Thank you so much for the detailed note. 

Regarding the custom fields, currently, the ticket events would not contain the custom fields. Hence you'd need to make a View a ticket API call to get the full details of the ticket (including the custom field). Then a second "Update a contact" API call has to be made to update the custom fields of the contact.

The above two are links to the Freshdesk API.

If the uploaded package content type is not a valid application/zip then it will throw the error - "Upload a valid Package (.zip) File". Could you try to upload the package from a different OS and let us know if it works?



When the customers choose online shopping on trhe contact form, that form must assign at online shopping part. But if the customers choose offline  shopping for their request on the contact form, this form doesn't show at the online shopping part. We want to categorize them. 

Would you give an advice to do that or help us to categorize?



Benetton    (main group)

   -Online     (subgroup )

   -Offline     (subgroup )


Do you have Turkish support?

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how to pass custom field while creating tickets

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@Salman : You can refer to this link to get an idea about the usage of custom fields to create a ticket.

@Nurcin : Apologies for not being able to get back to you on this thread earlier. Hope you'd figured out a way to pass these information to the ticket . The best option would be to use a dropdown field to categorise the tickets . You can probably give Dynamic forms a try as this allows you to setup different ticket forms based on the type of the ticket.