How to display group of folders in specific category with liquid?

  • 24 January 2020
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Hi there,

I''d like to display a group of folders, from a SPECIFIC category on my support home page. I understand the very basics of liquid but I'm having trouble writing the proper syntax to call in the folders. 

I have multiple categories. 

One category is titled "Knowledge" with 12 folders.  

I want to displays, on the home page, ONLY the Knowledge Category, and its folders.

Here's what I'd like the code to do

*The Loop starts Here*

  Get The Category Titled "Knowledge"


   Display the Category Title

   Display ALL folders inside that Category Knowledge

         Display Folder Name

         Display Folder Description

*The loop ends here*

I would love some help writing the liquid statements for this. Thank you very very much in advance!


0 replies

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